Hidden in a tunnel near Hedros lies a sacred shrine devoted to Varenya,
imbued with the ability to bestow additional stat points and renown in
exchange for all a mortal can offer. This shrine, a testament to the deity's
interest in mortal lives, will only accept those who have proven themselves.

   Every remort grants you 3 stats in your primary stat, following Varenya's

   Once Varenya accepts your offering, you will be led to a section of her
otherworldly halls, where her emissaries will help reshape you for your next
life. The power they wield is both extraordinary and mysterious, expanding as
they grow more adept at molding mortals. Here you can leverage your renown
for unique improvements such as quality of life upgrades, auxiliary stat
enhancements, or even access to brand new abilities and skills.

   Remorting carries distinct effects on experience points:

   After remorting, you will require approximately 16% more
experience for each subsequent remort. This means if you've remorted
once, you'll need 16% more experience to remort again, and if you've
remorted twice, you'll need about 33% more experience to remort a
third time, and so on. This is calculated as such: If 'R' is the
number of times you've remorted, and 'X' is your experience gain, then
your new experience gain is X * 6 / (6 + R). This effectively scales
down your experience gain as you remort more and more.

   After your rebirth through remorting, the Essence you've gathered
   now influences your journey:

   - With Essence, you can exchange for upgraded equipment appropriate
    to your class. This superior gear will replace the basic equipment
    you receive upon reincarnation.

   - While you usually start with a modest purse of 100 obsidian after a
    remort, investing Essence allows you to expand your starting wealth.
    Each tier of wealth upgrade purchased with Essence grants you an
    additional 1000 obsidian.

   - Remarkable acts of valor throughout Ishar can earn you the favor of the
    deities. In recognition of your feats, a deity may bestow upon you a
    powerful "relic" in your new life. This relic, unique to you, will grow
    in power alongside you as you venture forth in your new life.

   In the world of Ishar, remorting is not merely a restart but a spiritual
journey guided by Varenya's influence. Each life offers a new opportunity, a
fresh canvas where mortals can rise to unparalleled greatness, led by the
divine and an eternal dance with destiny.

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