Your karma is a value affected by how you deal with other players.  Karma
goes down when you PK or otherwise adversely affect your peers, and slowly
goes up as you actively play the game while maintaining a peaceful
relationship with others.

   You lose good karma very slowly in rent.  If you rent for months without
playing, your karma can drop all the way to neutral, but won't go bad.

   You lose some bad karma by dying.

   Your current karma is shown in `score' and will be one of the following:

    - You lose the ability to initiate combat with other players.
    - Guards will frequently chase you out of cities.

    - Guards will sometimes chase you out of cities.
    - PKing again will definitely move you to awful karma.

    - You don't have any good or bad karma, just like a brand new character.
    - PKing will probably move you to awful karma.

    - PKing once will likely move you to bad karma.

    - If you were a new player or had lost the ability to PK by getting
      awful karma, you gain the ability to PK now and your karma is reset to
    - You can PK at least once without hitting bad karma.

See Also: PK Rules