• Syntax: prompt [<a string describing a prompt>]
  • Level: any
  • Minimum: prom
   This command replaces and extends the DISPLAY command's operations for
configuring your prompt to contain selected useful information.  For the
default, just type "prompt."  If you want to design your own prompt, you must
describe what you want your prompt to look like by entering special symbols
called 'tilde escapes'.  Here is a list of the currently defined tilde

      ~h      Current hit points
      ~m      Current movement points
      ~s      Current spell points
      ~X      Percent XP earned toward a level or delevel
      ~x      Raw XP remaining until next level
      ~o      Name of the person you are fighting against
      ~p      Name of the person who YOUR OPPONENT is hitting
      ~d      Health of your opponent ("very good" to "awful")
      ~c      Health of who your opponent is attacking
      ~l      Name of the person you are following
      ~t      The hour and minute of the MUD day
      ~b      The fractional minute of the MUD day
      ~T      Current real time (of Ishar's servers local timezone)
      ~e      Abbreviated list of exits available
      ~C      Command number of the next command
      ~n      Inserts a carriage return
%% 21
              Imm only:
      ~i      Invisibility indicator
%% 0

   It may look a bit confusing, but is really pretty easy.  Let's say just
want something simple like to have your health, movement and spell energy on
your prompt.  All you have to do is type it like you want it to look and
substitute the tilde escapes for the actual values:

        prompt ~hH ~mM ~sS> 

   The command just copies all characters other than the tilde escapes, so
the H, M, S, >, and the three spaces just help legibility.  Although you can
make the prompt just ~h~m~s, the numbers in such a prompt run together into
one long number.  You can put your opponent's name and condition on the
prompt also by just adding a few more characters:

        prompt ~o: ~d~n~hH ~mM ~sS>

prints something like:

        Portis: AWFUL
        220H 80M 40S>

   For the escapes h, m, s, d and c you may place a * after the tilde
to colorize the condition.  The text will be green when near full, yellow
when not so full and red when dangerously low.  Example prompt with color:

        prompt ~*hH ~*mM ~*sS>

See Also: Display, Settings