• Syntax: cast 'wellspring'
  • Level: 4
  • Class: Shaman
  • Save: No save
The Shaman, in their deep connection with the elemental forces, is able to
command the very essence of water. With the incantation of Wellspring, the
Shaman can call forth a source of fresh, clean water in their surroundings.

A literal wellspring of water bursts forth from the ground, bubbling and
gurgling, to provide sustenance and relief to those who need it. This is more
than a simple conjuring trick - it is the result of the Shaman's primal
connection with the world, a harmony of energies, and a testament to the power
of elemental Water.

The water source lasts for a single MUD hour, providing plentiful fresh
water during that time and the shaman can not summon the wellspring if 
already in water, nor if indoors.

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