• Syntax: evade
  • Level: 2
  • Minimum: eva
  • Class: Rogue
  • Stats: Agility/Willpower
    While in combat, a rogue can go on the defensive and focus their
energy into evading attacks.  Chance to hit and damage a foe are greatly
reduced while evading, but the rogue's natural armor is increased.
Evading can be done without wielding a weapon.

    Rogues with a high enough talent for evading may even be quick enough
to dodge magic and breath attacks.

   If the foe rolls a critical strike, you will unable to evade.

      Attack: -10%
      Armor: +10%
      Damage: -25%

   On a successful evade, roll your class expertise + stat pairing. 
   The sum divided by 2 is the amount of damage you reduce.

   Additionally, vs spells, if you succeed a standard skill check, you 
   gain an additional reflex save. If you succeed both saving throws then
   one of two things will happen based on a roll. If your stat pairing
   + class expertise is over the value of the roll, then you
   will fully dodge the spell. Else, you will simply reduce the spell down
   to 25% damage, 1/2 per save. 

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