The ancient kingdom of Jolnara was established millennia ago around a 
mighty magical whirlpool. This whirlpool, said to be the source of Jolnara's 
vast magical energy, pulses at the heart of the kingdom, its currents 
protecting and powering the sprawling civilization built in its wake.

   Over the centuries, Jolnara expanded outward in all directions, driven by 
a blend of necessity and ambition. The tritons, known for their strategic 
minds and militaristic prowess, developed a society that valued strength, 
honor, and intelligence. Their expansion inevitably led to encounters with 
the merfolk of Erolos, sparking a resource driven conflict that escalated 
into a prolonged civil war, known as the War of the Tides.

   This conflict raged under the waves for many years, casting a shadow over 
both civilizations. However, recognizing the futility and devastation of their 
endless fighting, leaders from both cities eventually agreed to a ceasefire and
signed a peace treaty. Over time, what began as a fragile peace grew into a 
strong alliance, characterized by intermarriage, shared cultures, and joint 

   Today, Jolnara is a beacon of military strength and magical sophistication. 
The kingdom's armed forces remain among the most formidable in the oceanic 
realms, ready to defend their waters against any threat. The leaders of Jolnara 
have also established extensive trade networks with the neighboring cities 
Erolos and Kulani. These trade agreements have not only brought prosperity to 
Jolnara but also facilitated cultural exchanges that have enriched triton 
society with diverse influences.


   Recommended Levels: Any
   Group Size: Any

   The tritons of Jolnara are renowned not only for their military might but 
also for their friendly and inviting nature. As a race deeply rooted in the 
values of honor and intelligence, they are eager to share their rich cultural 
heritage with other races. The kingdom is situated deep beneath the waves, is 
accessible via marine life transports. These transports connect Jolnara with 
its trading partners, ensuring that the kingdom remains a vibrant hub of 
activity and cross cultural interaction, open to all who wish to visit or 
learn from the triton way of life.

   It is rumored that the Prince of the royal family has not been seen in 
quite some time, but the royal family maintain that he is doing well. Known 
for his adventurous spirit and diplomatic acumen, the Prince was last reported 
to be embarking on a diplomatic mission. Since then, whispers of concern have 
spread throughout the kingdom, stirring unease among the populace and the 
royal court.