• Syntax: cast 'soothing rains'
  • Level: 10
  • Class: Shaman
  • Save: N/A
Emulating the healing essence of a gentle rain, the Shaman invokes a comforting
drizzle that envelops the area. This soothing rain, lasting for a minute, brings
relief and healing to those in need. Every 2d4 rounds, the magical rains focus
on the group member with the lowest health, restoring them by a significant amount.

As it is a sustained spell, the Shaman can continue other activities while the
rains persist, making 'soothing rains' a vital tool in long and arduous battles,
providing continual healing support to the group.

Healing: Heals the lowest health group member by (level / 3)d4 + (willpower / 4) hit points
every 2d4 rounds

Duration: 24 MUD hours

Level 10 - 20 willpower:
A gentle rain begins, lasting for one minute. Every 2d4 rounds, the group
member with the lowest health is healed by 3d4+10 hit points.

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