Essence is not just a currency; it is a metaphysical embodiment of your
soul's journey through the ever-changing seasons in the world of Ishar. It
resonates with Varenya's design, capturing the essence of your
accomplishments and growth across different epochs.

   When the divine cycle of a season concludes, and all characters are
reborn, your account is imbued with Essence. This precious substance is
granted based on the pinnacle of progress reached across all your

   Calculating the Essence you receive reflects the mystical balance:

   * 2 Essence for having an active character, a mark of your presence in
   the world. 
   * 1 Essence for the first remort, a first step on the path of

   Then it breaks out on a class basis, pulling the soul of the 
   most progressed character in each class.

   * 3 Essence for every 5 remorts (5, 10, 15, ...), symbols of continual
   * 1 Essence for every 100 total Renown earned, a tribute to your 
   lasting impact.
   You can view your currently accumulated essence at any time with the
"season" command.

   You may invest your Essence by visiting the "Essence Shop,"
accessible by typing "shop" at the character select screen. This
otherworldly bazaar offers a range of eternal upgrades for your soul, from
augmenting the starting gold and refining the birthright gear of your class
characters to amplifying the pace of your existential growth.

See Also: Remort, Renown, Seasons