• Syntax: cast 'winds of comfort' <target>
  • Level: 4
  • Class: Shaman
  • Save: No save
Calling upon the soothing and renewing forces of elemental wind, the Shaman
is able to bring healing and comfort to a target of their choosing.
This is no simple mend; the Winds of Comfort are an attunement to the primal
forces, harnessing the power of elemental Wind to ease wounds and restore

When cast, a gentle, healing breeze envelops the target, their wounds
closing and their pain easing under its touch.

The rejuvenating wind bestows healing that scales with the shamans level and
their willpower, a boon in the heat of battle or a much needed respite during
a grueling journey.

Healing: (level / 2)d6 hit points + (willpower / 4)
Speed: -1 for 3 rounds

Level 10 - 20 willpower:
Healing: Rolls 5d6 + 10(15 to 40 hit points)
Speed: -1 or 3 rounds

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