• Stats: Agility, Endurance
   Armor class is a measurement of armor on your body.  The better your armor
class, the less chance you will be damaged by an attack during combat.

   The amount of improvement bestowed by any piece of armor depends on two
things: the quality of the armor and where it is worn on the body.  The chest
and legs pieces are large exposed portions of your body.  A piece of armor 
that gives a rating of 7*3+1 means that the armor is rated sturdy quality,
at 7.  *3 means it covers the equivalent of 3 portions of your body, and +1
is a magical modifier.  The AC of this piece would be 7*3+1 = 21 + 1 = 22.

    Completely unmodified, everyone starts off with an armor value of 100.

    If you type "train all" you will see your armor represented in the
following format. 
    xx (yy)
    xx is determined by the total quality of armor on you; accounting for
the total sum of worn armor + modifiers from spells and upgrades. 

    yy is the number compared against the opponents attack when determining
if a hit is enough to damage you. It is defined as xx + your stat pairing of
agility and endurance - up to a maximum of 32 + and bonuses or reductions from
your chosen combat stance and then divided by 2. Additionally, any remorts you
have acquired increase this value by 1 per remort. 

		Level 10 warrior - 18 end / 18 agil - 100 worn armor - buffed by 
		armor spell (-20)
		As a baseline this warrior will have 100 armor. His armor quality
		is 100, bringing it down to 0. He is buffed by the armor spell,
		bringing his total armor class to -20. 
		His xx value will be -20. 
		He has 18/18 agil / end, granting him an additional 12 bonus, meaning
		in combat his value becomes -32. He is using no stance and has no 
		remorts, we simply divide that value by 2, giving us -16. 
		His yy value will be -16.
		Train all will look like - Armor: -20  (-16)
		He chooses to pick a fight again Va'ff in the mines. Va'ff's attack
		skill is 52 (See Help Combat Skill). When Va'aff attempts to hit our
      warrior, our yy value of  -16 will modify that attack value down to 36.

   If you are in any position other than standing, your agility, for the purpose
of determining armor, will be reduced to 8, as you are not in a good position to
defend yourself.

See Also: Slang, Combat Skill, Stat Pairing