• Syntax: cast 'elemental boon' <target> <element>
  • Level: 4
  • Class: Shaman
  • Save: +2 Resilience
Tapping into the core aspects of the world, the Shaman is able to bestow a
boon of one of the four primary elements - Fire, Earth, Wind, or Water - upon
a chosen target. This spell aligns the target with the chosen element, enhancing
their abilities in a way reflecting the nature of the element. Only one
elemental boon may be active on a target at any given time.

Fire: Ignites the target's spellcasting, increasing spell damage by caster 
      15%. Increases resilience saves by level / 6.
Earth: Strengthens the target's resilience, increasing hit points by caster
       10%. Increases fortitude saves by level / 6.
Wind: Swift as the gale, it increases the target's critical strike chance by
      caster 5%. Increases reflex saves by level / 6.
Water: Restores like a cool stream, increases the target's healing power by 
      caster 15%. Increases resilience saves by level / 6.

Fire - Damage: +15%
Earth - Health: +10%
Wind - Critical Strike Chance: +5%
Water - Healing Power: +15%
Resistance: Based on Element (> Level 15)

Duration: (8 + level / 2) hours

Level 16 - Fire Boon:
Damage: +15 %spell damage
Duration: 16 MUD hours

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