• Syntax: help <command | topic | social>
  • Minimum: he or ?
The `help' command will offer more information on various topics about the
game.  For example, typing `help getting started` will give you a basic
introduction to the game, `help commands` will show you a list of available
commands, or `help help` will show you help on the help command, which you
are reading.

When reading help on a given command, the top section will give you details
on using the command.  For example, for the help command, the 
"Syntax : help <command | topic | social>" tells you what to type to use the 
command.  You type the command `help' followed by a space, followed by the
name of any command, topic, or social.  Most commands are also accepted
in abbrevated form, "Minimum: he or ?" means that instead of typing "help"
you can shorten it to either "he" or "?".

You can also abbreviate the name of most topics.  For example, instead of
typing `help getting started` you can abbreviate it to `? g s'.  If your
abbrevation isn't specific enough, it will give you a list of topics that

There's often a "See Also" section at the bottom.  For more information, you
can type `help' followed by any one of the topics listed in "See Also".

See Also: Getting Started, Commands, Topics, Communication, Socials