The arena is a place where players may fight each other without fear of    
losing precious experience to dying.

There are currently four different games available:

     Melee: Free for all combat, where everyone attacks everyone else.  You
            lose points for dying to anyone and you gain points for killing

      Duel: Just like Melee, but limited to two players.  Good when you want
            to fight one other person without anyone else interfering.

       Tag: The first person to die is IT, and they remain IT until they
            kill someone else.  You can only lose points if you die while
            IT, and you can only gain points for killing IT.

Juggernaut: The first person to kill someone else becomes the juggernaut,
            becoming much more powerful.  Anyone else can become the
            juggernaut by killing the current one.  Scoring the same as

   While you are in the arena:
      - Hurting other players is consequence-free
      - Skills, spells, alignment and experience will not change
      - You can't make use of potions, wands, staves, or magic food
      - You can't be stolen from or disarmed 
      - You cannot be forced to do anything against your will
      - Dying will not create a corpse; you will always have your equipment 
      - You don't need to eat or drink
      - The watch command is disabled

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