• Syntax: challenges [all|start|end]
  • Level: any
  • Minimum: chall
   In the world of Ishar, the bravest heroes may prove their mettle
through the ancient ritual of the Challenges. These cyclical quests, overseen
by esoteric powers, renew either upon completion of all 15 challenges or a
week after the last cycle.

   Each challenge presents a formidable foe, with specific criteria
regarding maximum level and group size. Should you meet these criteria and
vanquish your foe, treasures untold await you, including Double XP for the
kill and a mysterious orb containing prizes.

   Complete the entire list of challenges before they expire, and the
world will revel in a 1 week global XP bonus, a gift from the unseen
forces that guide these trials.

   - challenges: See the trials fit for your level.
   - challenges all: Shows all challenges, regardless of level.
   - challenges start: Marks your group ready for the challenge, gaining the 
                       "soul drain" debuff, forfeiting all renown upgrades.
                       Once soul drained, valid challenge mobs will show a red
                       aura. Marking yourself thus will also remove all buffs, 
                       excepting "Increased Experience".
   - challenges end: Forfeit the challenge, removing soul drain. You are unable 
                     to end a challenge within 5 minutes of starting.
   Victory may also bestow a mysterious gift, containing 2 items tied to
the level range of your challenge. But be wary; the challenges are not
without peril. Those not sharing your trial cannot heal or buff you, and your
renown upgrades will be temporarily hidden from your grasp.

   Embrace the challenges, for in them lies the essence of heroism and the
promise of legend. Your valor will not only crown you in glory but uplift the
entire land of Ishar for a time.

See Also: Quests, Renown Upgrades, Remorting, Varenya