• Syntax: disengage
  • Level: 10
  • Minimum: dis
  • Class: Rogue
  • Stats: Agility/Perception
   Agile and subtle in combat, rogues of sufficient skill may attempt to
disengage from their opponents without fleeing combat.  When the rogue attempts
to disengage, they make a skill roll against each of their opponents. On a
success, they leave combat with that opponent and the opponent moves on to the 
next target if one is available. 

   If the rogue manages to disengage from all of their opponents, they will
immediately attempt to hide in the room. 

   Rogues will find it easier to disengage against targets that cannot see
them (from conditions such as blind or distraction), or are lower level then
the rogue. They will find it more difficult to disengage from opponents higher
level then they are.

See Also: Hide, Distract