• Stats: Agility, Perception
    Combat skill or 'Attack' is how likely you are to hit your opponent
with a melee attack.  Classes have different inherent combat skills, and
stats can also affect how likely you are to strike.  Some combat skills
like Bash and Kick are affected by this skill.

	Classes gain attack at the following rate: 
		5 + (class_modifier * level) / 10
	No Class:
		40  (A level 10 classless mob will baseline have 45 attack)
		45 (a level 10 warrior will baseline have 50 attack)
		40 (a level 10 rogue will baseline have 45 attack)
		30 (a level 10 cleric will baseline have 35 attack)
		20 (a level 10 mage will baseline have 25 attack)
		25 (a level 10 necro will baseline have 30 attack)
	Your total attack skill is determined by your attack skill from your level
and class + any modifiers from magical armor or spells + upgrades + your stat 
pairing of agility / perception (up to 16) + any penalties or bonuses from your
chosen combat stance. 

		Level 10 warrior - 18 agil / 18 per - +10 attack from modifiers
		As a baseline this warrior will have 50 attack. From his stat pairing
		of agility and perception, he gains an additional 6 attack, bringing
		his total attack to 56. His +10 attack from modifiers brings the total
		up to 66. 
	To determine if that is enough to hit an opponent, you compare it to your
opponents combat armor (See help armor class).

	Our level 10 warrior is going to try to hit Va'ff, who has a combat armor
	of 15 (positive), meaning when we try to attack him, our attack skill goes
	*up* to 81. Meaning 19% of the time we flatly miss. The other 81% of the
	hits, 5% of the time our hit is kept as a regular hit, another 5% of
	the time it is down graded to a miss. The other 90% of the time we roll
	our critical modifier to determine if the hit is a critical hit. (see help
	critical strike).

See Also: Bash, Kick, Armor Class, Critical Strike, Stat Pairing