• Syntax: walking
  • Level: any
  • Minimum: wal
Toggles a delay of your movement commands to conserve movement points.

How many movement points are used varies with the terrain of the room you
are in, how much weight you are carrying, whether you are sneaking or
detecting traps, and how much time as passed since your last move.

Every 1/5 of a second longer you wait, the less movement points are
consumed, down to a minimum that varies with the terrain.  When you are
consuming over twice the minimum points, the game warns you that you are
"running", and over 3 times the minimum it mentions that you are "plowing"
(which usually only can happen when you run with a very heavy load).

When you turn on `walking', the game delays your next movement command just
long enough to consumes under twice the minimum movement points, avoiding
the "running" warning.  You aren't lagged when you enter a room, and can
immediately do other things, like attack.  But it kicks in if you try to
leave that room quickly using one of the standard movement commands, such as
`north', `south', `east', `west', `up', or `down'.  If you need to leave
immediately and haven't used one of the standard movement commands yet, you
can disable `walking', you can `flee', or you can use `go' instead (such as
`go north'), which is never delayed.

You can conserve more movement if you go slower than `walking' makes you.

See Also: Movement, Sneak, Detect Traps, Flee, Go