• Stats: Perception, Focus (for wands, staffs and scrolls)
   Potions, wands, staffs and scrolls are all objects containing magic that
can be invoked.

   The magic in a potion is released when the potion is consumed and usually
only effects the consumer.  Potions are quaffed.  The potion dissolves and
is totally consumed when quaffed.  The magic takes effect immediately, its
duration varies by spell type.

   The magic in a wand can be directed at anyone, including the user.  Wands
must be HELD to be used and are invoked with the USE command; 'use wand
dragon' would cast the spell in the wand on the dragon.  Wands can have
multiple charges of a single spell and decay to dust when exhausted.

   Staffs must also be HELD, are activated with USE and can have multiple
charges of a single spell.  They must be handled with care though because the
magic in a staff cannot be directed at a specific person; it effects everyone
in the room except the one who used it.  Staffs also decay when exhausted.

   Scrolls, like potions, contain a single spell that consumes the scroll when
invoked.  A player RECITES a scroll to use it.  Scrolls are selective and can
be directed at any target visible to the player.

See Also: Quaff, Use, Recite