• Syntax: display [<commands>] [<optional values>]
  • Level: any
  • Minimum: disp
   This command is used to configure a user's display options.  The prompt
options previously present in display have been moved to the prompt command;
see `help prompt` for details.

   Generally, type display followed by an option, and an optional paremeter.
Options are:

         This option toggles ANSI colors on and off.  See the color
         options below for more information.

         When on, Ishar will offer a [more] prompt after each screenful
         of output.

         If you are not using a mud client, you can still stack or repeat 
         commands by turning on the extended parser.

         Toggles your conversational echo on and off.

      color <number>
         If you use ANSI, and have enabled it by typing "display ansi,"
         you may specify one of the default color schemes available by
         typing "display color <number>."  For a list, just type "display

      foreground <colorname>
         This is used to set your default foreground color.  When you
         select a color scheme, it is set for you, and you may
         wish to change this to match your terminal's colors.  The
         format is: display foreground <colorname>.  Type it without
         a colorname to get a list.

      background <colorname>
         This is used to set your background (screen) color.  Same as

         The mud attempts to clear your screen from time to time.  If
         you want to avoid this clearing, type "display clear" to toggle 
         it off and on.

         After you move to a room the `exits' command will be displayed
         showing you what exits are available.  If you turn this off
         you can get the same info by using the `exits' command manually.

         Gives more verbose combat and status information. Will show raw
         XP gains after kills, raw damage taken, received and healing 
         numbers related to your character and detailed stat increases
         on level.

%% 21
         Turn on and off system messages.