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Help : Slang

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   There are many terms in common use whose meaning may not be obvious.  They
generally serve to decrease typing during conversation.

   PC            - Player Character.  A player as opposed to a mobile.
   Char          - Short for character.
   Mob           - Short for mobile.  Any computer generated entity.
   Obj           - Short for object.  Any virtual object on the system.
   PK            - Short for Player Killer or Player Kill.  A player who preys
                   upon other player characters. 
   Pker, Pkill   - A PK.
   AC            - Armor Class.  A measure of armor protection.
   Tick, or Tic  - 1 MUD hour.  A minute of real-time.
   BRB           - Be Right Back
   IRL           - In Real Life
   AFK           - Away From Keyboard
   Stat          - Short for statistic.  Pertaining to mob and object
   Rock          - Ishar's prison for the hopelessly obnoxious.
   Spamming      - Flooding another player or channel with huge amounts of
                   text.  Highly discouraged; often quickly and severely
   Newbie        - A person who is new to the system.

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