• Syntax: parry
  • Level: 3
  • Minimum: par
  • Class: Warrior
  • Stats: Agility/Focus
   While in combat, a warrior can go on the defensive and concentrate on
parrying attacks by his opponent.  You will give up some damage as a 
result, but if you are a more skilled fighter, you may parry and redirect 
a portion of the attack's power. If you are particularly skilled, you will
create enough of an opening to immediately riposte, damaging the opponent
while they attempt to recover.

   As a trade-off, you will be focusing less on avoiding blows as you seek
to deflect and create openings, and will find yourself easier to hit. Also,
the focus that goes into studying your opponent will force you to make more
controlled attacks, sacrificing damage. Additionally, parrying takes control
and good footwork, you might find yourself having a harder time utilizing
some more "reckless" or "aggressive" combat maneuvers, such as bash.

Parrying requires that you be wielding a weapon.

   If the foe rolls a critical strike, you will be unable to stop the 

   You can parry any oncoming attacks while in this stance, but parrying
an opponent who is not your primary focus will be harder, and you will
take a -50 modifier to the skill check.

      Attack: 0%
      Armor: +10%
      Damage: -20%

      Bash Penalty: -50

      On a successful hit, roll your attack skill (with agility/focus stat
      pairing) against your opponents attack skill in addition to a normal 
      sklll check.  On a success, you parry their blow. 

      On a successful parry, roll your class expertise + stat pairing divided by
      2, the resulting sum iss the amount of damage that you reduce.

See Also: Warrior, Combat Skill, Fortitude Save, Riposte, Class Expertise.