To avoid lives of prositution, beggary, or thuggery, many of Oldgate's
citizens fled the city and its so-called guardians of the peace.  Some
tried to make new lives for themselves in Mareldja, Crown on the Water.
There they encountered upturned noses, frequent derision, and became known
as "Oagies".  But other than being second-class citizens, they were
allowed to integrate peacefully.
   Those who fled Oldgate for Cadain did not enjoy even that luxury.  The
xenophobic dwarves regarded anybody from Oldgate with outright hostility.
The dwarves either conscripted the emigres to fight against the xymara or
showed them the way to the steepridge trail.
   Any that traveled the steepridge trail long enough, and didn't die
along the way, might reach the path stones of Napenthe.  There they  
received the greatest gift of all:  anonymity. With ease, they blended
into Napenthe's misty ways and hills.
   Of course, some Oagies never moved to another city.  They trusted their
lives to the bounty of the land, and homesteaded in the rich prairies and 
grasslands of Ishar.  One such place is just off the country road that    
runs by the Ridgetuck Villa.  See if fortune smiled upon their venture.


   Recommended levels: 8-14
   Group Size: 2-3

   Pay close attention to detail.  You never know what you might find.