Excerpt from the Book of All - Library of Mareldja:
   Oldgate bustled, and Oldgate thrived, deriving much of its wealth from
the prosperous shinerock mine just northeast of town.  But when the town
succumbed to the criminal population and decayed into a filthy slum, the
mine fell into disuse.  Mining implements were left to rot, and the useful
glow of the shinerock went unused deep under the ground.  The mine was all
but forgotten.
   Finding it a suitable home, a colony of the intelligent, insectoid
Mantishira, contemptuously known as clickers, set up a hive deep within the
mine, unbeknownst to the scum of Oldgate.  The clickers thrived on the
nutritious minerals that the glowing ores provided, growing stronger with
   Recently, the Mantishira have begun to pester nearby farms and
travelers, causing Queen Teltheilar to declare open hunting season on the
insectoid beasts.  The first attempts have to clear the hive have met with
little success, and the job appears to be left to the first skillful band
of adventurers to come along.
   Recommended Levels: 5-9
   Group Size: 1-4
   The clicker mine should be a good place to gain some skill and pick up
   some useful equipment for players of the recommended levels, but is not
   recommended for higher level players, who should be off slaying
   dragons, banishing daemons,  and otherwise conquering the world.