Kulani is the southernmost island of the Ahi'ai Houna Archipelago. Much
like their neighbors, it took generations of rehabilitation to calm the
cannibalistic nature of its exiled inhabitants. After nearly two centuries,
the denizens of this lush island were finally able to lavish in its
hospitality. The rich forests densely comprised of koa, mahogany and eucalyptus
trees, and its glistening coasts became the trademark of the island. Over
several decades, the exiles that took refuge on Kulani seized the opportunity 
of their valuable resources to establish a trade hub. Trees were harvested, and
the dormant volcano was mined for its abundance of obsidian and geodes long
hidden within its igneous rocks. Passing trade ships between Barcas and Mareldja
soon became paid transport for civilians and nobles from both cities alike.

This thriving island popularly known for its tourism between the coasts for
decades fell victim to attacks by its island neighbor, Palekana. King Hua's
declaration of war for Kulani's rich resources has turned this luxurious
vacation destination into a militaristic stronghold. The Kulanian Council
consisting of aristocrats and entrepreneurs came to a decision to turn its
tourist earnings into the manufacturing and imports of arms and armor to aid
in the defense against her neighbor. Between the frequent passing of Mareldjian
and Barcas trade ships, imports were plenty. Although Kulani's inhabitants were
not natively experts in the art of war, they used their wealth to hire
mercenaries of all ranks to come to their defense.

While mostly human, the island harbors patrons of all races. Kulani's
hospitable reputation made it quite easy for citizens from all walks of life
to take up arms. Elven archers, dwarven warriors, gnomish wizards and human
mercenaries took little convincing of coin to help preserve the island's
luxurious culture. Will you come to the aid of the island? Or will you assist
King Hua's Palekanian army in pillaging Kulani's riches?

  Recommended Levels: 12-20
  Group Size: Varies

Much of Kulani's luxuries remain unscathed during this conflict, and the 
council fully intends on keeping business open to tourists on the southern side
of the island; though it is now under heavily paid guard. The northern reaches
of Kulani island is a battleground on the open sea and on the shore. All are
welcome to partake in Kulani's rich culture and see her sights, but it would
not be wise to get involved in the conflict unless you are well equipped.
In order to completely resolve the conflict, you will have to choose to align
yourselves with either Palekana's siege to overturn Kulani's grip on the
island's resources, or align yourselves with Kulani's defense force to drive
away her attackers and preserve the peace. Multiple parties coming in from both
sides may find themselves at odds with how to resolve the invasion of Kulani.

Be very careful! This is a war, despite the opulent atmosphere. Be mindful 
of yoursurroundings or you may just become a casualty!