• Syntax: rally
  • Level: 18
  • Minimum: ral
  • Class: Warrior
  • Stats: Willpower/Endurance
    The warriors leadership and prowess have reached legendary levels and they
are able to inspire their allies to great acts of prowess. The bonuses vary
based on the warriors level of health, with the greatest acts of courage 
being when the warriors straights are most dire. 

    Doing so, however, exhausts the warrior, taking half of their total 
movement even if they are unsuccessful in inspiring their allies. Additionally,
they will be unable to inspire again for a half a day. Allies may not be 
inspired multiple times at once.

Percent Health         Effect
80-100               +2 Damage

60-80                +10 Attack

40-60                +2 Damage/+10 Attack

20-40                +10 Attack/-2 Speed

1-20                 +5 Damage/-3 Speed

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