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Help : Area Fortress of the Sorceror King

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   Rumors of the Sorceror King's disappearance run rampant these days.
Some say the poor half-elf went insane and committed suicide after his  
queen's sudden death.  Others claim he brought her back from death with  
the necromantic arts and they live out their immortal lives in demoniacal
revelry.  You've even heard Teltheilar claims to have seen him recently,
though in poor health.  Whatever 'they' say, a Sorceror King's fortress
doesn't just up and disappear overnight.


   Recommended Levels: 13-20
   Group Size: 2 or more recommended
   When last you checked, the Sorceror King had a tremendous fortress 
constructed somewhere in the grasslands south of Oldgate.  Though since   
the sorceror's breakdown, no one's been able to find it.