In the days before Alestar, a small temple to Isneen rose on the plains
southeast of the Brown River, just east of the grand city of Oldgate.  The
temple brought fertility to the soil and prosperity to the people of the
land, and the world seemed at peace.

   The unstoppable tide of Alestar's army ended that era, destroying the 
temple and scarring the lands around it forever.  The people fled south, 
seeking solace among the conquered lands, but finding only poor, hard lives.

   Centuries later, their descendants returned to the land, carrying with
them the dim hope, kept alive by legend, that they might again find peace.
But without the sacred presence of Isneen, the plains grow only the tough,
dry grass suitable for bahtzen.  And these lands are not without danger, 
nor without evil.

   Nevertheless, Doalic legend holds that the priests of Isneen have merely
hidden beneath the ruined temple, awaiting the right moment to come forth
again into the world, and to bring again the blessing of Isneen.


   Recommended Levels: 9-12
   Group Size: 2-4

   The underground levels are harder than those above ground.  You'll 
   need a spellcaster to reach the most interesting parts.