Date: December 18th - January 1st

   The Festival of the Dancers is a special event in Ishar, celebrating the
celestial bodies that grace our skies - Rymaras the Sun, Saorin the Comet, 
and the four moons, known collectively as the Dancers. This festival is a time
of reflection, celebration, and enhanced magical energies.

Features of the Festival:

   - 20% Bonus XP: Throughout the festival, all players will receive a 20%
    experience point bonus, representing the heightened energies and celestial
   - Festive City Decorations: The main city of Ishar transforms into a
   festive wonderland, with decorations inspired by the celestial Dancers.
   - Gifts from Queen Teletheilar: Embracing the role of the generous giver,
   Queen Teletheilar dons a special robe and offers daily gifts to each
   account. These gifts include valuable essence and renown, symbolizing the
   blessings of the Dancers.

Remember to visit Queen Teletheilar daily for your gift and make the most of
this magical time!