Mental Stats
   Focus represents the depth to which your mind can go; this is the mental
version of strength and greatly enhances the accuracy of your thoughts.
Focus guides your intuition and affects your ability to remember details
about the subject matter at hand.
    Attributes: Critical Attack, Magic Devices, Memory, Spellpoints

   Perception represents a creature's quickness of mind.  This quickness
allows for precision when assessing a situation.  Also, it greatly affects
your general awareness of your surroundings.
    Attributes: Combat Skill, Charisma, Magic Devices, Spellpoints

   Willpower represents the resolve of your mind against suggestion or force.
Being strong of will allows control over your impulses, keeping you calm, and
also assists in imposing your will on others.
    Attributes: Charisma, Memory, Mortal Wound, Movepoints

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