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Help : Feint

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    While in combat, a rogue can engage in close quarters combat and
attack a foe with great accuracy.  While distracting an opponent with
a feint, damage is somewhat reduced and the rogue tends to ignore his
or her own defense.  A feint requires the rogue wield a weapon.

   A sufficiently talented feint may allow the rogue to temporarily 
incapacitate their target, either blinding or confusing them for a 
short duration.

      Attack: -10%
      Armor:  +10%
      Damage: -20%

      When attacking, roll twice and keep the better result.

      25% chance or Critical Effect to Victim:
         50%: Blind (save Fortitude for no affect)
         50%  Confusion (save Willpower for no affect)

         Duration: 2 combat rounds

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