Skill Name     Level     Stats      Description                       
Backstab          1      AGI/PER     High damage opener
Shield Block      1      END/WIL     Chance to block an incoming attack with
                                    a shield.

Climb             2      AGI/WIL     Attempt to climb terrain.

Evade             2      AGI/WIL     Assume a agile, defensive stance and
                                    attempt to dodge incoming damage.

Sneak             3      AGI/WIL     Move more lightly, moving unseen.
Steal             3      AGI/FOC     Attempt to steal an object.
Feint             4      END/FOC     Assume a opportunistic fighting stance,
                                    striking for enemy weaknesses.

Listen            5      END/PER     Listen for signs of life at a distance.

Pick Locks        6      AGI/FOC     Attempt to unlock a mundanely locked 
                                    door or object.

Hemlock Poison    6        --        Apply a poison to your weapon that does
                                    additional poison damage on hit.

Detect Traps        8      AGI/PER     Search for potential traps.

Remove Traps      9      AGI/PER     Attempt to remove a trap.

Hide              10     END/WIL     Attempt to hide in your current room.

Disengage         10     AGI/PER     Attempt to disengage from combat.

Kick              11     PER/STR     Kick an opponent.

Nightspore Poison 11       --        Apply a poison to your weapon that 
                                    increases your opponents chance to 
                                    fail spells and skills. 

Distract          13     AGI/PER     Attempt to distract an opponent from

Cobra Venom       14       --        Apply venom to your weapon that decreases
                                    healing received by half.

Trip              16     AGI/PER     Attempt to make an opponent lose their 

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