Aeons ago, the world of Ishar was teeming with primal energies.
Plants grew to gargantuan sizes and reproduced without concern for soil
conditions or climate.  Monstrous animals devoured anything that might
provide them with enough chemical fuel to continue fighting the vicious
battles they were forced to engage in for survival.

   Out of the untamed energy flowing from the center of Ishar powerful
spirits began to condense, each feeding off of the intense fervor caused
by the countless struggles raging across the land.  First to emerge was an
entity that feasted on the dark side of every being; the malicious self-  
centric potential that courses through every developing creature's mind; a
spiritual outlet for the destructive nature that lies within us all.

   As millenia passed, the Shadow thrived on the consuming turmoil that
raged between human clans.  Sentient and most vulnerable to the elements,
the large-brained primates appealed to the spirit and it felt compelled to
enter one of the beasts.  Born to a peasant couple, their fifth child,
Grimkell grew with a disposition wholly unlike any of his siblings.  The
boy with coal-black eyes made speech at only 2 months of age and was
reading the crude texts of his people by the 8th month.  He proved to be
an avid scholar of the ancient and poorly understood magics of the primal
world.  Possessed of a hollow and articulate voice, at the age of 11 he
swayed his entire village into a xenophobic frenzy and led them into
battle with neighboring tribes.  Fallen comrades and enemies alike were
gathered before Grimkell at his request.  Arcane words uttered from his   
mouth echoed with a deep hollowness for miles around the site and corpses,
both whole and dismembered, rose from their prostration and shuffled
towards their master.  The villagers shrieked with terror as they were
jolted from their battle frenzy and took full measure of what had been
brought to pass.  Grimkell let loose a deranged howl as his minions lurched
muderously towards the fleeing masses to provide him with more raw,
willess bodies.

   This much is known only through the stories passed down through
descendants of one of Grimkell's brothers.  Records from this period, if
any were written, have been forever lost to the era of the Shadow King.


   Recommended Levels: 12-16
   Group Size: 2 or more recommended

   Though its origins are greatly shrouded in mystery, an underground
   fortress carved deep into a seaside cliff has been recently discovered.
   Grimkell's fortress can be fully conquered only with brains, and not brawn.