The isle of Barcas was, for many years, little more than a barren rock
surrounded on all sides by miles of endless sea, and little used save as a
breeding ground for birds.  Over the years, as trade increased between the
two continental cities of J'rel and Mareldja, the importance of the desolate
little island grew.  Situated in the middle of an established sea lane, it
wasn't long before wily merchants were setting up shop year 'round on the
rock, hawking their wares at usurious prices to the desperate sailors making
the long trip across the ocean.  That was several generations ago, and as
merchants and sailors - and their families - settled down in the trade-rich
settlement, a kingdom grew around them.  But as is often the case when the
weak have something wanted by the strong, the flourishing kingdom has been
allowed little peace since its inception, and military strength has become
as ingrained to tradition as their seafaring ways and their aloofness to


    Recommended Levels:  any
    Group Size: Any

    Barcas is rich in trade, and many exotic wares and creatures are available
in her bustling marketplaces, for the right price of course.  Be warned that
the citizens do not always take kindly to foreigners, especially nosy ones,
and there are certain areas that are off limits to the public - as well as
others that are simply best avoided.