The cemetery developed naturally along with Mareldja; the citizens quickly
realized that they would need some place to bury their dead.  A few
unfortunates toil their daily, digging graves or just generally puttering
about the rows of dead.

   A modest chapel was recently built at the north end, and a small priesthood
has taken residence in its halls.  Both the clergy and the common workers
welcome visitors as a break from their daily routine, and the only real
hazards are the assorted vermin that infest the place.

   A thick, menacing fog has enveloped the grounds behind the chapel, and
reports of daemonic creatures have rolled through Mareldja.  The head
priest has encased the area with a hedge and declared that the problem has
been solved.  However, the stories of missing mourners and disturbing cries


   Recommended Levels: 4-15
   Group Size: 1-2

   Don't let the forboding rooms fool you, this is a fairly easy area with no
   particularly dangerous mobs roaming around above ground.  It's a good place
   to explore at low levels, just be sure to bring some means of getting back
   home in case the gate locks behind you.  Unless you mean to explore the
   fog, or wreak havoc in the chapel or mausoleum, low levels are safe.