• Syntax: cast reanimate <non-player corpse>
  • Level: 1
  • Class: Necromancer
  • Save: none
   A necromancer of any level can use this spell to bring the dead
corpses of mobiles back to life in undead form.  The animated corpse will
then obey the commands of the caster as though under the influence of a
charm spell.  A corpse is in all ways like the creature was while still
alive, except that it can't talk, is unaffected by cold and water, can see
in the dark and see the invisible, does slightly less damage in melee
combat, and counts as an undead creature.  Also, the undead have no need for
rest and you will never see one slumbering.  If the animated corpse is not
struck down, the spell wears off after a very long duration.

   As with charm, the number of renimates you can hold under your power is
based on your Willpower and your Perception.

   You can reanimate a number of corpses up to a max of 5 times your level, 
modified by the harmonic mean of your willpower and perception.

      10 + focus hours

      Level 10 with 18 focus and 18 willpower:
         Full Stat Mod Calculation:
            40 * (2 * ((18 * 20) * (18*20)) - 13 * (20 * ((18 * 20) + (18 * 20))))
            / ( (20 * ((18 * 20) + (18 * 20))) * (25-13)) = 16

            16 total levels worth of followers

            28 hours

See Also: Spell Charm, Stat Pairing