• Syntax: sacrifice <corpse>
  • Level: any
  • Minimum: sac
   Sacrificing corpses takes experience that you have gained and puts it
towards a divine favor with the gods.  Each sacrifice moves a fraction of the
experience the mob was worth in life towards your divine favor.  You must
have more than 0% of the xp towards your next level in order to sacrifice xp.
You may only have one divine favor at a time, though it will follow you
through your levels if unused.

   When you sacrifice a corpse of a non-player character, some of your
experience will be turned into divine experience.  When this pool of divine
experience is full, you will receive a 'divine favor'.  Having divine favor
allows you to avoid the experience loss and corpsification of your next death.
This will happen automatically upon death. Additionally, holding divine favor
will grant you a small bonus to your XP gain and may grant additional 
bonuses in some circumstances.

   Additionally, if you want to reclaim the experience you have promised your
god, you will have to have died, and then you may sacrifice your OWN corpse
to receive all divine experience back.

See Also: Experience