The release command in Ishar is a versatile tool for spellcasters, allowing
them to terminate certain magical effects and connections. This command can
be used in two distinct ways:

Releasing Summoned or Controlled Entities:

   *Syntax: release <target>

   *Usage: This form of the command is used to release a mobile that is
           under the caster's control. This could be a charmed, reanimated,
           or otherwise summoned or controlled entity.

      For summoned entities (e.g., familiars, gated followers), using this
      command sends them back to their original plane.

      For reanimated entities, this command effectively 'kills' them again,
      ending their reanimated state.

Releasing Spells or Magical Effects:

   *Syntax: release <spell|effect> <name>

   *Usage: This form is used to end a spell or magical effect that the
           caster has initiated.

       This can be used to voluntarily terminate a sustained spell.
       It can also be used to end effects on others that are no longer
       desired or necessary, such as a cleric choosing to remove a
       'Sanctuary' spell from a necromancer who wishes to use 'Shroud'.


- release elemental - Would end the control over a summoned elemental,
                      sending it away.
- release spell Tempest - Ends the sustained 'Tempest' spell, freeing up
                          the mana used to sustain it.
- release effect Sanctuary - Removes the last 'Sanctuary' cast by the cleric


Use the command wisely as releasing certain spells or entities can have
immediate and impactful consequences on gameplay dynamics.

See Also: Sustained Spells, Score, Spells