Much of the legend of the Talrynian people has been lost to the ages, 
but some little knowledge remains of the downfall of these peaceful 
elven folk, and this shall be revealed to you.

   Centuries ago, Alestar sent forth a great expedition to discover new 
lands that he might subjugate to bring glory to his name and ensure that 
the memory of his rule would never fade.  A small band of these 
expeditionaries happened upon an ill-used game trail winding deep within 
a broad forest that swallowed the horizon with its enormity.  Curiously 
following the trail, their hearts soon leapt upon the discovery of a wide 
stone highway, an unmistakable sign of civilization, by one of their 
roaming scouts.

   Hastily breaking camp, the party hurried along the highway, where the 
capital city of Jular soon hove into view.  Pausing for a moment to 
consider a strategy, the men quickly discarded all pretenses of a planned 
attack based on the lack of sighting any armed resistance.  Blinded by 
the thought of lavish rewards from Alestar, the soldiers galloped towards 
the city, screaming war cries and shouting ancient slogans.  It seemed 
they would reach the gates unchallenged when the trees nearest the road 
suddenly sprang to life.  Branches snaked out to curl around the 
charging steeds, lifting them high into the air and smashing both 
man and beast against the ground with terrible force, cleaving armor and 
splintering bone as you might crush a leaf.

   Howling with pain at their shattered bones, four of the party 
managed to stagger to their feet and lurch towards the pack animals, left 
behind at a bend in the highway.  Within moments, one of the four was 
claimed by a writhing tendril which shot from the foliage, coiled about 
his foot, and dragged him screaming into the trees.  The remaining three, 
appalled by their companion's death, struggled to the horses of burden, 
mounted with great difficulty, and rode as fast as they could manage back 
out of the forest.

   The grevious wounds suffered by each member of the trio soon took 
another life as they approached Torm Sarvek; one man simply toppled from 
the saddle with a gurgling sigh and remained motionless upon the ground.  
Wearily climbing the trail, the two survivors reached the safety of the 
great castle and managed to give a rough report of their experiences to 
Alestar before expiring from fatigue and injury.

   Upon hearing the report, the mighty ruler called his most trusted 
general, Hashak, to his side and bade him conquer the Talrynians in his 
name.  Eyes burning with fanatical devotion, Hashak rallied a army of 
unprecedented size and marched for the forest.

   The bulk of the scouts who reached the outskirts of the forest 
disappeared suddenly, and the survivors returning with tales of trees 
alive with small shapes which flitted about in the darkness and rained 
poisoned darts upon their positions.  Brushing aside all objections, 
Hashak marched the army within the questionable shelter of the forest and 
made camp.

   As Hashak's advisors made preparations for an attack on the city, the 
nimble Talrynians stole into the camp at nights and wreaked havoc among 
the orderly rows of tents and idly resting soldiers.  Entire companys 
disappeared in some nightly raids, always ending with the attackers 
simply melting into the forest and disappearing until the sun dipped 
below the trees again on the following night.

   Infuriated by the steady loss of men, Hashak ordered a great fire to 
be built, and then commanded his troops to take up great firebrands and 
hurl them into the trees.  The results were immediate, and spectacularly 
effective.  Within days the entire southeastern section of the forest lay 
in ashes; the only thing which saved the other areas were the broad 
Talrynian roads which effectively blocked the spread of the hungry 
flames.  Their only defense destroyed, the elves surrendered soon after 
the first attack, which easily broke their thin line along the walls of 
Jular.  Hashak demanded that they pledge allegiance to Alestar, which 
they gladly did to spare destruction to the magnificent city.

   Hashak, long since driven insane by his blind devotion to Alestar, was 
suspicious of their pledge and courteously asked that they all gather in 
a large clearing far removed from town to explain what service they might 
provide for their new ruler.  When all of the Talrynians had gathered, 
the twisted general raised his sword and the army fell upon the citizens, 
butchering them to a man.

   Mad with glee, Hashak returned with news of victory to Alestar and 
asked if he might hold sway over the conquered land.  Alestar quickly 
granted him this boon, and Hashak returned to what remained of the forest 
and built a great house which might serve to glorify him long past his 

   It is here that the knowledge ends, and the stuff of legend and myth 
begins.  Hashak's army began deserting in droves, but none agree on the 
exact reasons why.  The most popular belief holds that the spirits of the 
slaughtered Talrynians journeyed to Isneen and was granted some part of 
the god's power, whereupon they returned to their native forests and 
drove the troops mad with horrific murders and ruthless massacres in the 
middle of supposedly well defended positions.

   Regardless of why the army ran from the forest, strange things began 
happening within the trees.  The forest grew dark and gloomy, and few who 
wandered in ever returned.  Hashak was never seen again, nor were any of 
his commanders.

   Centuries have passed since then, and many a brave adventurer has 
journeyed into the forest in search of the fabled warhammer of Hashak and 
his mythical suit of enchanted mail.


   Recommended Levels: 17-20
   Group Size: 3+

   This is a very challenging area, filled with dangerous creatures and
   traps to bring the unwary mudder to a quick demise.  It is highly 
   recommended that you travel in a large group while within the forest,
   and pay close attention to the terrain around you.  Mistakes often
   result in death.