Disenchantment, the counter to the craft of enchanters, is the meticulous
process of unraveling woven magics, reducing enchanted items back into their
constituent arcane components. It is the first step for many in the journey
of mastering enchantment, teaching the enchanter to understand and respect
the flow of magical energies.

   Mechanics of Disenchantment

   1) Learning Disenchantment: New practitioners of the arcane arts can learn
the basics of disenchantment from their guild or specialized
trainers. This foundational skill is crucial for gathering materials
necessary for all manner of enchantments. 

   2) Disenchanting Items: To disenchant an item, a spellcaster must focus
their will and knowledge, carefully breaking the magical bonds within. This
process destroys the item but recovers valuable arcane materials.

   3) Yield and Power: The quality and quantity of materials gained from
disenchantment depend on the item's inherent power. More potently magical
items yield rarer and more substantial components. 

   4) Skill Requirements: Higher-level items resist simple disenchantment
efforts. As your mastery over the arcane grows, so too will your ability
to unravel more complex and powerful enchantments. 

   Practical Application

   To perform a disenchantment use the command:

   disenchant <item>

   For example:

   disenchant glowing ring

   Be warned: once an item is disenchanted, it is lost forever, leaving
behind only the essence of its magic. Choose wisely which treasures you
unravel and which you preserve.

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