As Mareldja developed into a bustling port, a sister city also grew to the
south.  Its inhabitants were quite diverse, and within a few decades it
boasted citizens from all the dominant races and countless walks of life.
Elven wanderers, gnomish bankers, human warriors, and common thieves lived
together in a somewhat uneasy peace.

   Years passed, and the city began to grow run down and rather shabby.  The
walls crumbled, streets fell into disrepair, and criminals began to openly
roam the streets.  The Mareldjans soon ceased trading with the disreputable
citizens of Oldgate, and conditions worsened beyond repair.

   Now a corrupt police force attempts to keep the city in some semblance of
order, and ruffians are truly out in force.  Beggars and whores wander the
alleys, and common citizens carry weapons to defend their meager purses.


   Recommended Levels: 1-14
   Group Size: Any

   At low levels, sticking to the main streets is highly recommended, as most
   of the shady activities go on in the alleys that run between the buildings.
   Warriors commissioned to guard the city will fight at the first sign of
   trouble, without bothering to determine guilt, so remain alert if you
   should decide to attack a hapless citizen.