• Syntax: craft | craft <type>
  • Level: any
  • Minimum: craft
	In the world of Ishar, the art of crafting allows heroes to create items
of power and utility. By mastering different crafting types, players can
forge weapons, carve totems, brew potions, and more, each a testament to
their skill and dedication.

   Basic Command:

   Typing craft displays all crafting types your character has mastered. For
instance, a Shaman might see "Totem Carving". Next to each type, two numbers
appear in the format (x/y), where 'x' is the number of recipes you've
learned, and 'y' is the total recipes available in that crafting type.

   Exploring Crafting Types:

   To delve deeper into a specific crafting type, use craft <type>. For
example, craft totem will list all totem carving recipes you know, along with
the required components for each. Learning and Mastering Crafts:

   As your journey unfolds, you'll encounter opportunities to learn new
crafting techniques and discover rare recipes. Keep an eye out for hidden
scrolls, ancient mentors, or unusual materials that might lead you to new
crafting knowledge.

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