Sustained Spells in Ishar are a unique category of magic where spells are
maintained over time through continuous mana investment.

**Mana Investment**

   When casting a Sustained Spell, a portion of the caster's total mana is
allocated to keep the spell active. This mana is 'capped' and cannot be
regenerated or used for other spells while the Sustained Spell remains
active. For example, if a spell like 'Tempest' requires a 60% mana
investment, casting it would reduce a caster's available mana to 40% of their
total capacity.

**Multiple Spells**

   Casters can maintain multiple Sustained Spells simultaneously, limited
only by their total mana capacity.

**Disruption of Spells:**

Sustained Spells can be involuntarily ended if:

- The caster becomes unconscious or mortally wounded.
- The caster encounters powerful anti-magic effects, such as entering an anti-magic room.

Sustained Spells can be voluntarily ended by use of the "release" command.


   Sustained Spells allow for ongoing magical effects but require careful
mana management and awareness of potential disruptions.

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