Varenya, the Eternal Weaver of Fate, stands as a distant yet profound
presence in the world of Ishar. Representing the cyclical nature of existence
and the balance between creation and destruction, she guides the seasons, the
challenges, and the path of rebirth known as remorting.

   Shrouded in mystery, her followers were once numerous, but she has
withdrawn from the world, her influence now felt more in the cosmic dance of
renewal and growth. Clerics who once devoted themselves to Varenya now follow
other deities, yet her power still resonates through the land.

   Heroes may feel her touch in the Challenges they face, a test of their
mettle and valor, or in the Remorting process, a chance for rebirth and new
strength. The seasons themselves bend to her will, reflecting the eternal
cycle that defines Ishar's existence.

   To understand Varenya is to embrace the ever-changing nature of life, to
accept the challenges that lead to growth, and to recognize the eternal dance
of creation and dissolution. Her motivations remain enigmatic, her methods
inscrutable, but her presence is a constant reminder of the intricate weave
of fate that binds the world of Ishar.

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