• Syntax: craft totem <totem name>
  • Level: any
  • Minimum: craft
  • Class: Shaman
   Totem Crafting is a sacred art unique to Shamans, allowing them to
channel their spiritual energy into physical forms. By carving mystical
symbols and ancient patterns into totems, Shamans can imbue these objects
with powerful magic.

   Unlocking Totem Crafting:

   Shamans unlock the ability to craft totems at level 4. It begins with the
ability to carve plain totems, which are prepared by master totem carvers.

   Creating Totems:

   To craft a totem, a Shaman must first obtain a plain totem. These totems
serve as a blank canvas for the Shaman's mystical work. Using the craft totem
<totem type> command, the Shaman carves the totem, infusing it with specific
powers. The type of totem dictates the effect it will have once activated.

   Activating Totems:

   To activate a totem, the Shaman must drop it in a room. This action
unleashes the totem's power, consuming the totem in the process. The effect
of the totem depends on its type. Some may offer healing, protection, or
offensive capabilities, turning the tide of battle or aiding in challenging

   Mystical Imbuement:

   Each totem carved is a unique blend of the Shaman's spirit and the
ancient wisdom of totem craft. The effects and strength of a totem can vary
based on the Shaman's skill and the mysteries they have unraveled in their

   Room for Growth:

   As Shamans advance in levels and knowledge, they can learn to carve more
complex and powerful totems, each with its own unique abilities and effects.

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