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Help : Spell Divine Intervention

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   Clerics of the highest order may reach out to their deity for the ultimate
favor; to spare one of their friends from death.  While this blessing may only
last a short while, if the target would die while under it's affect, then they
will be saved and have health, mana and move restored.
      Heal: max(0, min(80 + 4d9, Max_Hp - Current_Hp - rand(1, 4)))
      Moves: max(0, min(80 + 4d9, Max_Moves - Current_Moves - rand(1, 4)))
      Mana: max(0, min(80 + 4d9, Max_Mana - Current_Mana - rand(1, 4)))

      Target - Max HP 100 - Current HP 20 - Max Moves 100 - Current 20 
         Max Mana 100 - Current - 20

         Heal: max(0, min(80 + 20, 100 - 50 - 2))
               max(0, min(100, 48)) = 48
         Moves: Same
         Mana: Same

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