• Syntax: quests
  • Level: any
  • Minimum: que
This command will bring up your quest log.

Without any argument, it will show you all of your currently active quests,
along with the status. It will show in the format of

   Quest Log:

   quest_id) quest_name - quest_status


Specificially targets the quest log, with a few more optional parameters.

    Returns all of your completed quests.


    "Quest log <any> acts as a quest log search, it'll pull any quests from 
    your log that have the term in their description, intro, rewards or 


With the arguments of "quest_id info" you will be able to see more granular 
information about the specific quest. This includes; name, if it's repeatable, 
description, objective tracking and rewards. 

If you are in the room of a quest giver, you will view the introductory 
information of the quest_id specified.


With the arguments of "list" you will view all quests available in your
current room of which you are eligible.


With the arguments of "quest_id start/accept" you will attempt to accept a
quest available in your current room. Be on the look out or mobiles,
objects or rooms that may be able to offer you a quest. If you're valid or the
quest, based on  your level or any pre-requisites the quest may have, then you
should see an aura indicating the availability. 

Also, try interacting with quest givers to learn more about the quest they are


With the argument of "complete" you will attempt to turn in a quest
that you have, of which you have completed the objectives.  These should show
in your quest log as "Ready for Turn-In". 

On completion, you will receive any rewards that the quest was offering. If it
is a repeatable quest, you may be able to start it again.


With the arguments of "quest_id abandon" you will remove the quest from your
active quests. 

You can accept it again from the quest giver if you're ever ready to start it

See Also: Start, Complete, Abandon, Challenges