Skill in combat is something that can only be gained by experience.  Still,
there are a few things a new player can do to improve his chances of survival.

      1. Make sure wimpy mode is ON.  A player with wimpy mode turned
         on automatically flees when he gets below 20% of his 
         maximum health.  This is especially important for new players
         since low-level characters don't have that much health to 
         start with.

      2. Use the display command and set your prompt to show your
         current health.  Keep an eye on your prompt and flee if
         your health gets too low.

      3. Use the 'consider' command and be SURE the opponent you
         choose is appropriate to your level.  Nothing gets you killed
         quicker than biting off more than you can chew.

      4. MUDding is a social game.  You will have more fun and have more
         success if you group with other players of similar level.  If
         possible, find a group with experienced players to show you
         the ropes.

   MUD combat can be a little difficult to follow at first.  As you get more
experienced, your eye will become trained to scan the text and extract the
important information.  If your communications software includes a scroll-back
buffer, I recommend you review your first few fights and notice the common
patterns of the exchanges.

See Also: Wimpy, Display, Consider, Grouping