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Help : Bug Bounty

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There are bound to be flaws in any complex software project, and Ishar is no
exception.  We do our best to keep the code bug-free, but without expending
a lot of time and energy playtesting every minor change, we rely on users to
report flaws in the game.

We now give UP TO one level's worth of XP to the first person to report a bug
that has been in the game for at least a week and allows a mortal to do one
of the following:

- Kill another player without losing XP

- Obtain or duplicate a limited item significantly more easily than intended

- Obtain money significantly more easily than any other method at his level

- Kill a much higher-level mob significantly more easily than intended

- Use many fewer hit points, movement points, spell points, or communication 
  points than intended for any action

- Crash the game

We're also very interested in other types of bugs, but we may choose to
reward you in some other way for reporting them.

The first person who offers enough detail with the "bug" command so that the
gods can reproduce the problem themselves will get the bounty.  Your report
should be under one paragraph and include all of the steps necessary to get
the bug to occur.  If nobody offers enough detail with the bug command, the
gods will ask for more detail from whoever offered the clearest description.
Exploiting a bug, then calling in the bounty deserves less of a reward.

If you wish to inquire about a bug report you've submitted, wait until a
Forger or God is visible and ask them.

The gods are the final judge of whether a bug meets these criteria and who
was the first to report it, though we'll tend to be fairly generous with the

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