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Help : Challenges

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If you kill the specified mob (be sure you have the right one!) with a max
number of people involved (mobs too), and with a max level involved as
listed, you will get Double XP for the kill, grant Double XP to the enter
MUD for 15 minutes, and your names will be listed there for everyone else
to see until the reboot. If you conquer a challenge that has already been
completed, the bonus for the MUD is increased to 30 minutes.

Without an argument, this will show you all challenge quests at your level.

'challenges all' will show you all challenges, regardless of your level.

'challenges stats' will show you the stats used for challenges

'challenges start' gives you the debuff that makes you eligibile for 

'challenges end' ends the debuff

'challenge stat1 to/from stat2' helps you reset your challenge stats

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