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Help : Essence

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   Essence is a special currency that represents the cumulative achievements
of your account across different "seasons" in the world of Ishar. When a
season ends and all characters are wiped, your account will be granted
Essence based on the maximum progress made across all your characters.

   The Essence calculation is as follows:
   - 2 Essence for having an active character
   - 1 Essence for the first remort
   - 3 Essence for every 5 remorts after that (5, 10, 15, ...)
   - 1 Essence for every 10 total Renown earned

   Keep in mind that it takes account maximums into consideration, so if
Character A has more remorts than Character B, but Character B has more
Renown, it will use the remorts from Character A and the Renown from
Character B.

   Essence can be spent in the "Essence Shop", which can be accessed by
typing "shop" in the character select screen. The Essence Shop offers a
variety of permanent upgrades for your account, ranging from increasing the
amount of starting gold and improving the starting gear for your class
characters, to enhancing the rate at which you gain experience.

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